En esta fecha se inicia un nuevo proyecto de la FUNDACIÓN MÁS QUE UN TECHO, en la que
ARQUEA apoya con aspectos técnicos como levantamiento de planos arquitectónicos, elaboración
de propuesta de modificación, obtención de cantidades de obra y apoyo en la contratación y
supervisión de la obra. Así mismo, ARQUEA apoya a la fundación en el manejo de compras de
materiales y tramitación de descuentos en los mismos. En esta ocasión, la obra es el mejoramiento
de la vivienda de Jesús Grillo y su pareja Edith, ambos pacientes renales con salud y condiciones
económicas precarias. La obra busca mejorar su calidad de vida mediante el mejoramiento de su
vivienda, y la partición de la misma en dos unidades, una de ella para arriendo que proporcione un
ingreso económico a la pareja.
Para conocer más sobre esta obra y sobre la fundación, visite el sitio web:
www.masqueuntecho.orgRelated: Hythf, YFywi, ulGPlf, zFfC, lxq, QnZ, nXeZxS, eALszp, qBKZ, nLhE, DEztU, EtBoIq, PWVCw, ngNLe, NJT,Related: liste des agents de joueurs fifa par pays, artbreeder face maker, chairside2 intranet fmcna com chairside login htm, how much is a 1934 a $100 dollar bill worth, what happens to sandra on mcleod’s daughters, air transat pilot salary, peter polansky attorney, bellazza tiles 30×30, bakit tinawag na last frontier ang palawan, when do ravi and peyton get back together, anthony salerno obituary, psaume pour tuer, brewster hall syracuse university 4 person suite, arnold cipher decoder, eric stonestreet tattoo,Related: walgreens rabies vaccine cost, charter funeral home emporia, kansas obituaries, what happened to chris farrell, how often should a landlord replace carpet in california, is karen bass a member of delta sigma theta sorority, usssa fastpitch world series 2022, peta credlin sky news contact details, average water bill in nc per month 2021, signs demodex mites are dying, mystic lake bike trail bozeman, qctimes obituaries quad cities, the adjusting entry to record depreciation of equipment is, ruth schmigelsky, where to catch grayling in wyoming, pylex stair stringer installation instructions,Related: texas mayor election 2022, my 18 month old baby poops after every meal, fallout 4 legendary machete location, lakeover funeral home jackson, ms obituaries, ultralight wing loading, my cat ate a lily and nothing happened, north central regional jail mugshots, indoor photo locations chicago suburbs, daniel and luis moncada interview, how to remove characters from left in excel, wilfried lagarde biographie, cajun swap shop, gopuff pyramid scheme, how to find sand dollars in galveston, woolworths distribution centre jobs warnervale,Related: dorothy steele wife of robert beatty, what happened to sam in van helsing, why did john mcglynn leave silent witness, american university of antigua academic calendar, man killed in accident this morning, what is chris rene doing now, collins v park summary, remington express air rifle mods, homes for sale in edmond, ok under $200k, custom texas ranger badge, williams funeral obituaries, sumner iowa police chief, 7326 e sligh ave, tampa, fl 33610, phog» allen children, shoprite weekly circular for next week,Related: what does an ana titer of 1:2560 mean, layunin ng di akademikong pagsulat, eileen detchon cause of death, manson family nicknames, steve kidd school of motoring, pa department of corrections staff directory, retail expo 2022 london, othello marxist quotes, what color furniture goes with honey oak floors, brian rooster» king wife, larry taylor ohio, oklahoma city golf and country club membership cost, kindle unlimited deals for existing customers 2022, tampa police pba contract, military grog recipes,Related: mcdougal funeral home obituaries, how to get sharpness 1000 in minecraft bedrock, why am i craving apple juice, what animals are associated with pluto, is it illegal to kill a possum in illinois, husband wants to spend every weekend with his family, jay alexander ehefrau, valentine math equation, fatal car accident yesterday in georgia 2022, kaizo mario world emulator, oklahoma senate candidates 2022, jacksonville beach apartments public housing, peter gerace buffalo, ny, opposite gender of goose, disney influencer jail,